1.We Analyse

Your current situation, market, competitors, business potential.

2.We Create

Your commercial strategy, objectives and a realistic action plan.

3.We Manage

Your sales marketing processes including OTA, B2B, GDS, CRS, CMS, PMS.  

4.We Grow

Your with constant follow up and hands on advisory services.

Passionate, Measurable and Professional

We are focused on hospitality sector which we love. We believe that this passion elevates the quality of our work.

We beleive in numbers and we speak with numbers. So that you can measure and compare before and after results.

Whether we are creating a corporate development strategy for a currently operating hotel or a feasibility study for a new hotel, you get highly experienced advisors who have expertise and discipline laminated during many years.

We focus on Hospitality Sector
We do it good happily and with pleasure.

Sales & Marketing

We increase your sales volumes and conversion capability to grow your and increase your ARI, RGI, MPI.

Remote and Interim Management

We make sure your sales and service leaders have the right executive support, management tools and coaching needed to drive your growth.

OTA & Direct Booking

We assist you to reach your peak performance at direct sales channels. Also we optimise your in OTA’s and other traditional sales channels.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

We build your identity on social platforms and collaborate with influencers so that your audience will notice your business. 

Website, SEO & SEM Management

We know how to design user friendly websites, understand the value of rich content and can guide you in leveraged or paid placements.

Hospitality Technology

We advise on and integrate new technologies that interface with your property management systems.

The Advantage of a Boutique Company

SuperOtels, a hands on sales marketing for hospitality sector, offers you something that the big players can’t always offer: affordability.

We’re small enough to be agile, yet we have a network of Associates that allows us to scale up when we need to.

We have set up SuperOtels in 2020 to provide a real alternative to bigger companies.

We offer the high-quality strategic sales marketing services you would expect from a larger firm, but without the overheads.

Yet you still get the same quality controls by proven methodologies and operational experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to turn independent hotels and resorts into local market leaders by inceasing their direct booking revenue and decreasing the commissions paid to OTA’s.

We aim to bring value and contribute with our vision and professional expertise, to companies and entities within tourism and hospitality who needs a new focus for their businesses, seeking to generate demand and re-designing their products and marketing strategies in harmony with a global and changing environment that obliges us to be in constant evolution.

Contact details
Working hours

Mon-Fri: 09:00 – 24:00

Sat-Sun: 09:00 – 21:00