Also known as Transient Occupancy Tax, it is a City or County tax added to the price of […]
This is the rate obtained when a hotel averages all the various room-types they offer(single, double, suite, penthouse, […]
The ADR is the total revenue income from rooms sold, divided by the number of rooms. For instance, […]
When referring to food, perhaps in a room-service or restaurant menu, this indicates that each single item is […]
A type of hotel that specializes in guests staying for a longer average time. These hotels may usually […]
An employee of the hotel whose primary task is to serve as the liaison between the hotel and […]
A restriction feature that allows a hotel to put a “stop” on bookings for a specific rate/room and […]
A discount that is applied to a room rate pricing when only one guest occupies it.
A service contract is a legally binding exchange of services promised and agreements between the hotel and service […]
It is the process of increasing visibility of a website or web page to a web search engine, […]