What is the meaning / definition of B2B (Business to Business) in the hospitality industry?

Known as Business to Business, a term that refers to the sale of products or services from one business to another.

Examples of are outsourcing hotel from a company, wholesale food purchasing, hotel maintenance performed by an outside company and company hotel bookings. Rather than B2C, can refer to either the generation of a sale from a company or the hotel purchasing a service or product from another company.

is important in a hotel industry in order to maintain facilities, keep up-to-date on industry upgrades, generating sales and other services that could improve the hotel’s building(s), reputation and management. Another positive factor is that hotel reputation from local businesses can be earned quicker, rather than individuals and individual sales through B2C. On the other hand, unlike Business to Consumer, usually involves contracts and may involve legal counsel in negotiating of terms or prices. Sales generated from B2B, depending on the amount of projected sales, could result in the selling of rooms at a discounted price.

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