A restriction feature that allows a hotel to put a “stop” on bookings for a specific rate/room and […]
A discount that is applied to a room rate pricing when only one guest occupies it.
A service contract is a legally binding exchange of services promised and agreements between the hotel and service […]
It is the process of increasing visibility of a website or web page to a web search engine, […]
Release period is the number of days within which a hotel will not accept bookings from a given […]
Using restrictions (minimum length of stay, prepayment requirements, non-refundable payments, etc.) to filter out reservations on dates and/or […]
It enables users to search for hotels on multiple sites simultaneously from one location and book the best […]
A loyalty programme is a marketing programme that offers rewards to guests for regular or frequent business. A […]
The measure of how efficiently hotels are utilising their function room space. It is recorded as an occupancy […]
The practice of selling rooms at a negotiated/confidential/contracted rate with no set allotment or number of rooms, until […]