What is the meaning / definition of Forecast in the hospitality industry?

Any seeking to maximise profits, should look ahead and try to predict a future situation. One way to do this in an organised manner, is to create something called a Forecast. Forecasting can be done at any time of year, by any kind of establishment in the hospitality sector (not only large hotels but also small, ) across the world.

The best way to Forecast future bookings and demand is to use a calculation – to ask a relatively simple question: ‘At our hotel, what is the likely expected revenue in 2016, based on our team's analysis of figures from 2015 (occupancy and average rate)?'

A Forecast need not only be based on a whole year, of course. Sometimes it can be useful to create a month-to-month, or even a week-to-week forecast!

Forecasting is something that no hotel should ignore, as it can help monitoring and foreseeing trends in consumer behaviour and therefore accurately gauge the demand of each season.

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