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At a , the time taken between when a customer makes a reservation and their actual arrival is called the Lead Time. Sometimes this time period has to be restricted.

Integrating a Lead Time Restriction into a hotel’s booking system is something all hotel Reservation Teams and/or departments should consider.


Because it can help with the management of room overall, ensuring that profitability is always maximised. This usually applies to an offer, which is available up to a certain number of days prior to arrival. Can be combined with other restrictions. For example a 15% discount, which is non-refundable, up till 30 days prior to arrival. Such promotion are set-up not to coincide with the regular , in order not to down trade on your normal .

You could think of a Lead Time Restriction as a kind of insurance policy! The Restriction requires an individual customer or group to meet or exceed a specified advance notice in order to complete the reservation.

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