What is the meaning / definition of Lifestyle in the ?

Similar to a or a luxury hotel, a Lifestyle Hotel is not a ‘proper hotel category' but can be defined through specific characteristics. Those characteristics are similar to a . They are both unique in their character and very distinctive. The attributes associated with a Lifestyle Hotel are: quirky, cutting-edge, avant-garde, trendy, funky, charming.

The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA), gives the following definition:

‘Lifestyle are the next generation of . Driven by the chains, they borrow the best elements of boutiques – small, intimate and modern – and throw in advantages only a chain can offer, like loyalty perks, consistency and economies of scale. As a result, lifestyle hotels are generally more affordable and accessible than boutiques – and soon to be ubiquitous'.

Given this explanation we can say that lifestyle hotels are ‘franchised boutique hotels'.

According to a Delphi study (responses from diverse experts from the lodging industry) ‘boutique hotels are best characterized as small, stylish hotels that offer high levels of service. Lifestyle hotels are described as innovative and provide more of a personal experience than so-called “branded” hotels'.

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