What is the meaning / definition of ARI in the ?

ARI stands for: Average Rate .

It is a KPI that measures the performance of their compared to their comp set during the same period (competitive set: a group of other and competitor that have a similar target market and concept).

How do you calculate ARI?

  • ARI Formula: ARI= Hotel ADR / Aggregated group of hotel's ADR


  • $150 / $120 = 1.25

(this means that your ADR is 25% better than the average of your competitive set)


  • ARI Index = 1.00 The hotel ADR is equal to the average ADR of their comp set
  • ARI Index > 1.00 The hotel ADR is more expensive than the average ADR of their comp set

Depends on the occupancy rate, the hotel can choose to lower, equal or higher their ADR compared to the ADR or their comp set in order to gain more and make themselves more competitive towards their .

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