What is the meaning / definition of Beach Resort in the industry?

A Beach Resort is a full service holiday lodging facility, located at the seaside, with access to a private beach. The beach being the primary focus for tourists. A Beach Resort offers a wide range of services and amenities and typically includes entertainment and recreational activities.

As a self-contained establishment, a Beach Resort provides for most of a vacationer's needs while remaining on the premises (lodging, food, drink, sports, entertainment, shopping, etc.).

The of a Beach Resort are that the guest finds not only the proximity to the beach but also an all-around service within the premises. It is convenient for families, offering kids-club, evening entertaining program, shopping etc. In cases the Resort is located far away from the city, the Resort provides all the infrastructure needed (it is a ‘village' itself). Often a Beach Resort is used as a wedding location (with a beach setting ceremony, wedding planner on side, a photographer, a hairdresser and a beauty salon etc.).

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