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A continental breakfast is a mix between British and French breakfasts that have been adapted for American tastes. It is therefore popular in continental Europe, North America and other westernised chains around the world – as it easily matches the common tastes, thereby avoiding the disappointing of “picky eaters”. For people with sensitive stomachs it allows to avoid product that are unknown to them when in a foreign country. Another perk of this breakfast, besides the simplicity and widely of it, is that it is usually included in a rooms price or comes at an additional modest price.

It usually includes a beverage, bread product with butter, jam, honey or marmalade. The beverage is a morning type drink like coffee, tea, milk or fruit juice. While the bread product can be a croissant, pastry, bread, bagel, waffle or another type of roll. Depending on the hotel, the breakfast may include additional items like, cereal, eggs, cheese and meat products. The most common meat products served in this type of breakfast is bacon, ham or sausage.

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