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Not all customers are the same. Although, of course, all guests must receive the same high standard of service at a hotel or other kind of facility within the Hospitality Sector, there are definitely different types of customers. And offering them a hospitality experience that entirely meets their particular type and exact needs is the key to a providing an enjoyable hotel stay, where satisfaction is virtually guaranteed.

So, how can this differentiation in customer types be best organised? The answer is to devise a system of segments, known in Hospitality as Market Segments.

Market segments can be:

Just as there can be:

  • Multi-variable account segmentation, and
  • Segmentation by !

Once segmentation is achieved, segment-specific services and activities can be organised, helping to provide customers with a tailored hotel experience whilst simultaneously contributing towards a hotel's profit maximisation.

Other segments can be:

  • Public
  • Promotions
  • Negotiated Rates
  • Groups, and
  • Wholesale

See Also:

  • Hotel Market Intelligence



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