What is the meaning / definition of Price Match Guarantee (PMG) in the industry?

PMG is short for Price Match Guarantee. It is something that all seeking to seriously compete should consider offering. What’s more, consumers love it! Why? Because they can make reservations knowing that they are getting rooms and perhaps other services without paying more than absolutely necessary.

In Hospitality, hotel reservations, products, services and special offers are advertised and sold across numerous channels, including:

themselves – through offline printed material, and internet promotion: their website, blog, competitions, etc.

  • OTAs – travel agencies, of which there is an abundance
  • High Street travel agencies – still relevant, but always struggling against agencies to win business these days
  • Social Media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…
  •  booking search engines

The channel that can offer the lowest rate, or match the lowest available rate, will, of course, generally win the business. If a hotel offers a Price Match Guarantee via its brand website (or printed material), it will beat to the business other inside or outside its own distribution channel network. But only if it keeps its promise, of course!

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